Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Crufts 2016!

We had a super long journey up to Crufts. We travelled up on the Friday but there was an accident closing the motorway meaning we had to take the scenic route, all in all it took us 6 hours to get to my mum and dads hose. Thankfully the jounrey to Crufts on Saturday morning was smooth and we arrived within 45 mins.

We were nice and early so I took Bridget for a walk around the shops, she loved it, she loved meeting people and dogs, getting free food samples from the food stands, she just took it all in her stride, for a 10 month old puppy I was shocked at how confident she was!

We didn't go in the ring until late afternoon so it had already been a long day. Bridget stood nicely, no real fidgeting or anything and it was going well...until we had to move, then her tail shot up in the air! I knew at this point we couldnt win with her tail like that but was more than pleased to come away with 3rd place. For such a young dog to be so happy and confident in that environment was brilliant, and at least she was happy and didn't have her tail clamped between her legs. So for next year we need to work on the tail. I plan to take a break from showing her until the end of summer now so she can concentrate on learning some Agility and shows take up most of our weekends anyway.  She is in season now so at least that will be out of the way too.

This weekend is our first camping show of the season, im taking Heidi, Chaos and Brian (to keep him away from Bridget) and we are off to Adams at Catton Hall. Lets hope its better weather than last year!

Thank you to Sami Bull for taking the lovely picture of Bridget at the top :)

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