Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Crufts 2016!

We had a super long journey up to Crufts. We travelled up on the Friday but there was an accident closing the motorway meaning we had to take the scenic route, all in all it took us 6 hours to get to my mum and dads hose. Thankfully the jounrey to Crufts on Saturday morning was smooth and we arrived within 45 mins.

We were nice and early so I took Bridget for a walk around the shops, she loved it, she loved meeting people and dogs, getting free food samples from the food stands, she just took it all in her stride, for a 10 month old puppy I was shocked at how confident she was!

We didn't go in the ring until late afternoon so it had already been a long day. Bridget stood nicely, no real fidgeting or anything and it was going well...until we had to move, then her tail shot up in the air! I knew at this point we couldnt win with her tail like that but was more than pleased to come away with 3rd place. For such a young dog to be so happy and confident in that environment was brilliant, and at least she was happy and didn't have her tail clamped between her legs. So for next year we need to work on the tail. I plan to take a break from showing her until the end of summer now so she can concentrate on learning some Agility and shows take up most of our weekends anyway.  She is in season now so at least that will be out of the way too.

This weekend is our first camping show of the season, im taking Heidi, Chaos and Brian (to keep him away from Bridget) and we are off to Adams at Catton Hall. Lets hope its better weather than last year!

Thank you to Sami Bull for taking the lovely picture of Bridget at the top :)

Monday, 29 February 2016

2016 so far...

I was determined to keep our blog up to date a bit more this year, so far I've failed miserably! At the start of February I took Bridget to a companion show a few miles away to get in a bit of Crufts practice in. She was a good girl, each class had a different Judge so she got to have several different people go over her which is all good experience. In the Pedigree puppy class she got 3rd out of 6 puppies, in the Pedigree open class she was 2nd out of 16 dogs and in the Best Short Coated dog she was 2nd again out of about 14 dogs! She was such a good girl, loved meeting people and she stands really well. We are still having a battle with her tail, she keeps it lovely and low when she stands but when she moves its up and curly! I'm still training it but im not sure if will be sorted by Crufts as its not only 2 weeks away.

Yesterday I went to RVA show up in Cambridgeshire. It was really nice to be back at a show again and im looking forward to the start of the season. Heidi had a couple of nice runs with either a pole or a naughty tunnel but she also had a couple of naughty runs with broken waits! I think she will always be the same! Chaos did well, the G4-5 courses were quite tricky but he managed a 6th in the Jumping and we got all the way around the Agility but he ran past the last jump! He really wasn't keen on being indoors but h did get better as the day went on, im hoping once we get outside he will be a bit more relaxed as his winter training has gone so well and he is so confident in the field.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

We are going to Crufts!

Last weekend me and Bridget headed off to LKA for a Championship Breed show and im pleased to say she qualified for Crufts! She was a really good girl, super happy and confident, made lots of new friends and enjoyed her day out :) She came 2nd in MPB and Res in PB.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

End of the season and more...

Its been well over six months since I updated...we have had a very busy year, lots of changes and a new addition!
Meet Bridget - Stonedragon Blacktip Waves

Bridget is now 6 months old, she has settled in well and is a very lively puppy! She has so far passed her Puppy and Bronze Good Citizen Award and has also had a go at showing where she Won AVNSC Puppy  and got Best AVNSC Puppy at Woolwich & Bexley Open show. 

Chaos has had a really good year after a shaky start, he had some nervous issues over Eater which have gradually got better as the season has gone on, we have still had some 'silly' moments but it feels like we are getting there. Last weekend at Kelluki Show he won the Comb 4-7 Steeplechase so he is a good boy!

Heidi hasn't had the best competition season either, she started well but then had a nasty injury to her Paw which put her out of action for 2 months, then she came into season so that was another month off! She did have a 2nd and 3rd though at Dog Vegas in Thetford in the Summer so not all bad!

2016 is going to be a busy and exciting year for us, We have our first Kennel Club Open show on 21st-22nd May, plans are well underway and the schedule is out. We have a great club with members who are really keen to be involved so it should be a lot of fun!

Will do my best to keep this updated now...Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and New year :)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Paws at Play Success

We headed off to Paws at Play in Guildford this weekend, our first outdoor show of the season. We had a fantastic time, the clear rounds just kept on coming!

Chaos started the day well with a nice clear in jumping, he did slip a couple of times coming out of the tunnel and going into the weaves, the floor was a strange surface, a bit like very fine grain. In his agility he was a bit spooked by something, he didn't like dogs near the edge of the ring so this caused a 'debate' between us as to whether he should go into the tunnel! He did have lovely held contacts and weaves though. He had another nice clear in the steeplechase but it was in the same ring as the Agility had bee so it want as confident as his jumping run had been.

Heidi was an absolute star! A very nice clear in the
Novice jumping which really took me by surprise but I felt like we needed the confidence boost as last season we didn't have a single clear. Something clicked for us anyway as we had another really nice clear in the Novice Agility, I held her contacts and she finished in 6th place but they only placed to 4th. We were on for another clear in the steeplechase until i sent her into the tunnel when she wasn't supposed to but still not a single pole down! 

My dogs did me proud and I came home 1 very happy mummy indeed :)